We match you with a remote team of product and design talent.

No more scrolling freelancer profiles. Huddle connects you with builders who get it, and get it done quickly.
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How Huddle works
Tell us what you need to ship, here.

Whether its a pitch deck, logo and new brand, prototype, website, marketing plan, content strategy or product development, our Teams can help you build it.
We find the builders for you
Stop wasting time navigating freelancer marketplaces and interviewing expensive agencies. Your team will be hand-selected from our builder community, with the skillset and specialty needed for your project and timeline.
Flexible pricing for fast-moving companies
Pay for up to 25% of your project fees in sweat equity.
Start building and shipping

You get a project manager to keep things on track and a dedicated chat group for you and your team to stay in sync.
Our Builder Community
Huddle's a tight-knit remote community of Builders-in-Residence hailing from companies like Spotify, Uber, WeWork and Pandora. Most have experience building companies and products from the ground up and are founders or investors themselves.
Get matched with a Team
A Huddle Team can help you with:
Branding + Marketing websites
Pitch deck design + narratives
Mobile apps
Growth strategy, copywriting and more.
Are you a designer or product builder?
As a Huddle Builder-in-Residence, you can flexibly jump onto design and product gigs you find interesting while you WFH. You can even opt into our unique sweat equity investment opportunities.

Tap into the community

We meet a lot of great founders that aren't quite ready to hire a Team. We accept a few of these ambitious founders into our community each month to get support from our builders-in-residence for a small membership fee + sweat equity.
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