Huddle Venture Partner Program
Huddle Venture Partners are a hand-selected group aligned in our mission to power more entrepreneurship in the world.

Made up of creator-angel hybrids, solo-GPs, talented advisors and ecosystem builders, Huddle VPs bridge the gap between founders and builders using their expertise and network.
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What Huddle VPs do

Deal Flow

VPs act as scouts, bringing companies and founder friends looking for builders to Huddle.

Advise and Mentor

Many of our VPs are experts in their craft and use their expertise to advise startups and support builders on Huddle.

What Huddle VPs get


Be featured on this page, tapped for speaking engagements, and PR opportunities.

Advise and Mentor

Get tapped for advisor opportunities with startups on Huddle.

Powerful ways to support founders

VP-referred startups get instant approval to post a project on Huddle and be connected with a super team. VPs can also promote the projects inside the community.

Deal Flow & $$

Get access to a birds-eye view of startups building teams on Huddle, exclusive investment opportunities, and a 5% cash bounty on any projects you refer in.

Meet our Venture Partners

Huddle VP1 is our inaugural cohort of venture partners who were early believers in the Huddle mission. Read more here.


Designer x Investor

Soleio is an American designer-turned-investor based in London. He previously led early design efforts at Facebook, Messenger, and later Dropbox. Soleio now backs exceptional, design-forward startups at their initial stages, such as Figma, Framer, Vercel, Vanta, Synthesia, and many more.

Ben Blumenrose

Co-founder and Managing Partner at Designer Fund

Ben's the Co-founder and Managing Partner at Designer Fund, where he backs exceptional founders and empowers them with design to improve the world. Before Designer Fund, Ben was a Design Lead at Facebook for over 5 years.

Amber Illig

General Partner at The Council Capital

At The Council Capital, Amber invests in proven operators bringing the best of tech to legacy industries at the earliest stages. She also leads The Council Angels, a group of 80+ female operator-angels. Before that, Amber held ops leadership roles at Cruise, Snap, Apple & Atmos.

David Hoang

Head of Design at Webflow, Angel Investor

David's currently Head of Design at Webflow. Previously, he led design at One Medical, Black Pixel, and scaled the On Deck Design fellowship as a Design Partner. He's invested in 25 seed stage startups to advise as a product and design operator.

Tara Tan

General Partner, Creative Capital

A designer and investor, Tara partners with technologists to bring their visions to the world. For the last 7 years, she helped lead the venture arm of global design & strategy firm, IDEO, building a $500M AUM portfolio.

Chante Harris

ClimateTech Operator and Investor

Chante's spent her career championing the energy transition w/ the Obama Administration, Fortune 500's, & startups. She's also the founder of WOCCS, the only community dedicated to advancing women of color working across sustainability.

Steph Engle

Product Designer at Snapchat and Angel Investor

Steph is a Product Designer, investor, and multi-hyphenate based in Los Angeles. She previously designed for all sorts of future-y subjects at Airbnb, Cruise, and Meta's Reality Labs.

Tom White

(Ghost)writer, Investor, Advisor

Tom is a writer, advisor, and investor. After stints at Stonks, On Deck, Google, he has a "portfolio career" writing professionally for a number of startup/F500 executives, VCs, and fund managers.

Olga Orda

CEO, Hypemachine

Olga's counseled and launched over 50 tech companies in the media and led PR campaigns for early-stage to publicly-traded tech companies, billion-dollar brands, Fortune 500's, VC firms & hedge funds.

Dani Slocki

CEO, ARTivist, Host

Dani's CEO / Co-Founder of vSpace, focused on accessible virtual services that connect anyone, anywhere on any device. As a Creative Director, Producer, and Host she can single-handedly ideate, activate and launch any idea into a dreamy reality.

About Huddle

What is Huddle? How does it work?

What is Huddle? How does it work?

Huddle is a community of builders that work on things together. Vetted startups can get a team around their project in 24h.

How to get a team: 1) Post a request, 2) Meet your Partner, your dedicated community member to help you scope and build a Huddle team, 3) Meet your first teammates within 1-2 days in a chat room, 4) The team will send over a proposal and plan to start working together.

What types of projects and companies does Huddle support?

What types of projects and companies does Huddle support?

Huddle is ideal for pre-seed to Series B startups looking to grow fast.

The community is geared to tackle any projects within 1) product (design, engineering, strategy) and 2) marketing (brand, growth, content).

Who’s in the community? What kinds of builders?

Who’s in the community? What kinds of builders?

The community consists of roughly 1k designers and builders with experience at high-growth tech companies like Stripe, Uber, Square and Airbnb and top agencies like Red Antler, Gin Lane and COLLINS.

Every community member is vetted and roughly half were "in-network," joining Huddle via an existing member. Here's our acceptance criteria.

Builders in the community span the following skillsets: Product Design, Product Strategy, Front-end & Back-end Development, Branding, Growth Marketing, Content Strategy & Creation and more.

How do startups buy a Huddle? How does the equity work?

How do startups buy a Huddle? How does the equity work?

Startups can engage with Huddle 1) to complete a Project, or 2) on an Ongoing basis.

Regardless of the type of Huddle, the cost is always the sum of the builders' fees (their rates and how many hours they'll be dedicated to the project) plus Huddle's service fee (varies based on team size).

Customers receive a single monthly invoice that's a one-click payment to the whole fractional Huddle team. Payments are always made monthly, at the start of each month of an engagement.

Huddle also offers a unique way to pay: Equity. When creating a Huddle project, you can specify whether you're open to paying a portion of the builder's fees in equity, instead of all cash. Many builders in the community prefer taking projects with an equity component, plus it can help startups afford builders who might typically be outside of cash budget. We support transacting in equity via our own financial instrument, the Creator Agreement for Future Equity, (CAFE).
Since 2020

We're an expert fractional design community.

We help startups launch, grow and create beautiful products. We move fast and understand startups. Join and get a pop-up design team or a fractional design expert from places like Airbnb, Snap and Red Antler.

We’re creating the home for independence and collaboration. Inside Huddle is a bustling community making things together.

For the builders, by the builders.

Huddle is where the most ambitious and passionate jump into small powerful teams to create magic.

We’re here for the builders. The entrepreneurs who want to make a dent in the world. The creatives who dream up ideas we believe in. The designers who craft the experiences of tomorrow. The engineers who turn dreams into realities.

The core team behind Huddle led and worked inside high-growth startups and top agencies like Red Antler, Spotify, and Cruise.

Our Investors

Huddle is backed by community-focused funds and a crew of designers, builders and operators.

Get a team to help you ship a deck, a product, a brand, a new name and more.
Branding + Marketing websites
Pitch deck design + narratives
Mobile apps
Growth strategy, copywriting and more.

I'm a Company

Get a pop-up team of superstar designers and builders to help keep your startup moving and growing.
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I'm a Designer

Top designers and builders join Huddle to find flexible work they love and get ownership in startups with their time.
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Huddle is a home base where people work on things they love with people they love and earn a piece of what’s created. Read more...

Founded by Stephanie Golik & Michael Saloio.

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Huddle is a home base where people work on things they love with people they love and earn a piece of what’s created. Read more...

Founded by Stephanie Golik & Michael Saloio.

Huddle Works Inc. 2022

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Huddle Works Inc. 2022

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